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The Department of Instrumental Technologies was founded in 1931 and provided general education for future specialists in the field of materials treatment technologies. The study of technological methods and methods of processing blanks was carried out, research was provided in the field of creating new equipment and diagnostic equipment for analyzing the state of machines and controlling various technological parameters, and searching for new methods for finishing and finishing surfaces.
In the 1950's. Works were conducted in the field of machine tool construction and cold working of metals.
In the 1960s. Laboratories for processing optical parts, processing blanks on machine-tools and machine tools, mounting electronic devices and machines with programmed control were organized. Studies were carried out to develop a method of group technology and to organize group production, as well as to study new methods for processing blanks and to study the roughness of surfaces with regular microrelief and laser technology.
In the 1970s. Systems of grouping of details, systems of the automated designing of technological processes of machining of details and a number of other systems were developed.
Since the 2000's. Currently, research is being conducted in the areas of digital production, automation of assembly of precision optical instruments, automation of technological preparation of enterprises, additive technologies, optimization of microgeometry of parts surfaces, technologies for manufacturing products from polymer materials.
Heads of the department from the foundation:
  • Yablochnikov Evgeniy Ivanovich
  • Padun Boris Stepanovich
  • Frolov Nikolay Dmitrievich
  • Kulikov Dmitry Dmitrievich
  • Mitrofanov Sergey Petrovich
  • Sobolev Nikolay Pavlovich
  • Matalin Andrey Alexandrovich
  • Barun Vladimir Abramovich
  • Sokolovsky Alexander Pavlovich

In 2007-2008, the department took part in the implementation of measures to create a new scientific and educational area "Computer technologies in the design and manufacture of instruments and systems," new master programs were created, the laboratories of the department are equipped with modern software and equipment. The film reflects the main results of this stage of the department development.



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